Crazy music and specific style of Russian Village Boys loved not only in their village, but all over the world. In difficult times for our planet guys found the ways how to come to European countries and show new music and new theirselves. Big changes are coming in Russian Village Boys new history. They are not assholes from village anymore, they are serious assholes from village! On background of them few hot albums, impressive singles and crazy collabs with strong guys. Videoclips on Russian Village Boys channel are eagerly awaited by lovers of simple and sincere thrash!
Recently boys opened merch market, it’s taking shape every day and soon Village Gang outfits will be in every cupboard of the world.

Yea, Russian Village Boys said goodbye to live shows almost for 2 years, but during this time they created a lot of sick music and videos, created new style and looking forward for new wave of live performances. Very little time left before new album (oops it was secret) and boys believe that skin of every listener will turn into goose skin!

New chapter of Russian Village Boys is still being written but already promises to be funny, interesting and very emotional. Every day more and more people fall in love with Russian Village Boys and this is endless and mutual love.

Russian Village Boys members:

Dima: makes music and lyrics, draws cover arts, shoots and edits 99% of RVB videoclips. Also Dima dances half-naked in Karlsson pants and bucket hat with smile on Russian Village Boys concerts. He replies to you on instagram and always reposts your crazy stories to the RVB music. He is the only one dude in group with musical education and vocal skills.

Denis: makes music and lyrics, helps Dima to shoot videoclips and sometimes looks how Dima makes edits. Denis replies to you in social media too. He generates ideas like on factory and if you see or hear something weird it's mostly his idea. At the live shows you can recognize him by his long hair and tattoos with the characters of Hieronymus Bosch (he always undresses to show them).

Max: DJ and unrepeatable actor of many RVB videos. If you've been to RVB concerts, you've probably noticed how he roasts the crowd with his sets and energetic dances before the show itself. This is a separate art, a special part of our performance with a 40 cm dildo in the forehead. Call him if you want to get dance, acting or Greco-Roman wrestling lessons.

P.S. Also guys have a personal music projects in which they pour their souls. Dima - I’M DMA, Denis - dehuc and Max will soon join them with his machine-gun hardcore.

Follow the guys on Instagram: @rvbofficial, @badszhard, @razjebasser, @jebstall
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